The couples of Marmalade Boy: Miki & Yuu

The couples of Marmalade Boy: Miki & Yuu

Miki and Yuu

I’ve always thought one of Marmalade Boy’s greatest strengths is that it develops several romantic relationships. I have strong opinions about each of the couples in Marmalade Boy, so I thought I’d write about them. So naturally, I’m starting off with the heart of the series, Miki and Yuu. When I think of the archetypical shojo couple, Miki and Yuu immediately come to mind. She’s an average, cheerful girl and he’s cool yet mysterious – just like most other shojo pairings. Within the context of the series, however, I generally like Miki and Yuu. I’ve always thought of Miki and Yuu as a very attractive couple, and I love seeing pictures of them. I’ve also found many of their interactions to be genuinely sweet. For instance, in one episode of the anime, when Miki shows off the uniform for her new part-time job, Yuu motions for her to sit on his lap, and the two happily sit there, smiling. And in a series that has literally a dozen love triangles, I genuinely felt as though Miki and Yuu ended up with the right person.

Most of my problems with the couple stems from the fact that I’m not convinced by the reasons Yuu gives for liking Miki. When Yuu tells Miki he likes her, he says that he admires how open and honest she is with her emotions, because he lacks that openness. However, one problem I immediately had with this reasoning is that it’s not like Miki is the only female in the series who shows her emotions in front of Yuu. For example, Arimi, one of Yuu’s many romantic suitors, yelled at him when he broke up with her and ran off crying – and she was always honest about how she felt towards him. Thus, I felt like Yuu’s reasoning could have easily been applied to Arimi, leaving me at a loss in deciding what was so ‘special’ about Miki to Yuu.

But more than Yuu’s questionable reasons for liking Miki, it’s the execution of his feelings for her that’s really lacking. I think the biggest problem is that Yuu’s reasoning for liking Miki is told instead of being shown. A good example of a romance that is “shown” is Boys Over Flowers, a.k.a, Hana Yori Dango, when Tsukasa starts developing feelings for the female lead Tsukushi. After she stands up to him, his attitude towards her noticeably changes, and when she shows sympathy towards him, he becomes kinder towards her. Thus, the gradual changing of his reactions to Tsukushi makes it clear why he loves her without it needing to be stated in words. But because Yuu’s interactions with Miki don’t seem to change much, even though I do believe he loves her, I’m not as convinced of the reasons why he loves her.

Being unconvinced as to why Yuu likes Miki impacted my opinion of the couple, especially because Miki can be so overbearing. She’s constantly jealous and paranoid, and thinks that every time Yuu is late he’s out cheating on her. Miki’s anxieties are an especially bad combination with the fact that Yuu rarely explains himself or lets her in on how he’s feeling, due to his introverted nature. And yet, this combination ultimately succeeds because it allows both characters to grow: Yuu learns how to open up to others, while Miki learns to stop being paranoid and trust Yuu. Thus, despite all of their problems, at the end of the day I think Miki and Yuu really do work.

Miki and Yuu in the grass

10 thoughts on “The couples of Marmalade Boy: Miki & Yuu

  1. Perhaps it’s probably because Arimi was more deceptive or the more bold girls don’t really do it for him. I don’t know.

    I agree with Yuu’s execution of his feelings towards Miki. With the exception of a few scenes like the hug scene you described above, I always thought that Yuu didn’t really work for his relationship with Miki until Miki broke up with him. And after they got back together after the camping trip, he seemed more affection.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I don’t think Arimi was a good match for Yuu, and you’re probably right that he was turned off by her aggressiveness.

      I do think Yuu didn’t show Miki enough how much he cared about her and didn’t fight hard enough for their relationship. Even at the end when Yuu finds out about their parents’ past, he doesn’t tell Miki about it at first and instead chooses to break things off with her, which shows that he really didn’t change that much. But I do think they ended up in a healthier place at the end of the series.

  2. Though I like the Miki/Yuu couple, I kind of agree with this. When a guy is very popular with the ladies in fiction, I often wonder what makes the heroine so special to be “the one” when they have been introduced to all kinds of girls who liked them. They usually seem rather average. The easiest explanation is that “the heart has reasons the reason can’t explain” or something like that. lol. And theres a book called Beautiful disaster where the guy tells her he likes her because he feels she saw him as a person and not something to possess or something like that, maybe it could also be applied to Yuu, Miki, and all the girls who aggressively pursued him?

    1. I’m not sure why Yuu seems to like Miki so much when there are girls who are far more beautiful than her. My theory is that Miki isn’t the one who initiates the kissing. Arimi kissed Yuu, and so did Suzu. Miki, on the other hand, didn’t kiss him. If anything, HE kissed her while she was in the infirmary pretending to be asleep. I don’t know. I was trying to make sense out of it.

      When I saw the Marmalade Boy prequel, it sort of explains Yuu’s feelings and it’s from his perspective. I wish Marmalade Boy was based on his perspective since I wanna know what he’s thinking.

  3. I know that this post is three years ago but I wanna add something. My theory as to WHY Yuu likes Miki is the fact that she’s the EXACT opposite of him. She’s an extrovert unlike Yuu who is an introvert. He said that he likes the fact that she is childlike when Miki was building a snowman during their ski trip. That’s just my guess but then again, I could be wrong.

    I think that Miki was able to express her being against her and his parents swapping partners, divorcing and getting married unlike Yuu, who just agreed to it. Deep down, Yuu didn’t want his parents to divorce but he didn’t say anything about it. That’s another guess.

  4. I always hated when Yuu did something, like with Suzu , and he acted like it was a big deal. He’s smart! He has to know It’s not okay to let another girl kiss you. I didn’t like it when Lucas pulled that crap with Brooke and Peyton and i didn’t like it when suzu did it either. Honestly, i was rooting for Kei. And i liked Yuu’s childhood friend. His reason for liking her was better than with Miki. He said when he was around her He felt a sense of happiness as they road their boats romantically in the lake. Plus when he found out that they were siblings i felt sick to my stomach at how he just broke up with her. I would have wanted to know my boyfriend was my brother. They were still my 5th favorite couple because of all the sweet moments but a lot of stuff just pissed me off

  5. Miki is so annoying. I had to stop watching the series since she’s such an overbearing, jealous, weak-minded, tempermental, capricious idiot. Emphasis on the idiot. TOTAL IDIOT. Who would stand up with her? Plus the voice acting is way to infantile–she sounds like she’s 6 and looks like it too :/

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