The couples of Marmalade Boy: Ginta & Arimi

The couples of Marmalade Boy: Ginta & Arimi

Ginta and Arimi

After discussing Marmalade Boy‘s central couple, I thought I’d move onto some of the side relationships. Of all the couples in Marmalade Boy, Ginta and Arimi are definitely my favorite. At the beginning of the series, Ginta is in love with Miki while Arimi is in love with Yuu. When Yuu and Miki get together, Ginta and Arimi wind up falling for each other. Thus, they stand out to me, because they’re the only losing-love-interests-turned-couple in any anime or manga that I really like. While a lot of ‘pair the spares’ couplings are boring or don’t make much sense together, Ginta and Arimi are really cute together. And while most side couples in shojo prove to be no more than just foils, Ginta and Arimi often stole the spotlight from Miki and Yuu. They’re probably the most sane and functional couple in the series, and I think they work really well together. First of all, I like Arimi much more than Miki because she’s not indecisive and paranoid. I also really appreciate that both Ginta and Arimi learn from their mistakes. Ginta makes it clear to Arimi how he feels about her right away because he lost Miki for lying about his feelings, while Arimi learns to stop playing games in her relationships.

Most of all, unlike Yuu and Miki, who exacerbate each others’ faults, Ginta and Arimi mellow each other out. While Ginta tends to overreact and can be very impulsive, Arimi is more mature and aware of others’ feelings. For example, in the New Years episode of the anime, Yuu teases Miki and Ginta starts uncontrollably laughing at her. Miki is annoyed that he’s laughing at her, so Arimi nudges him and he quickly stops. And when Ginta jumps to a conclusion and punches a guy he thought was cheating on Arimi, she chews him out for jumping to a conclusion and he learns to stop being so rash. If Yuu and Miki’s relationship is so full of drama that it’s like marmalade – sweet with a hint of bitterness – then Ginta and Arimi are pure milk chocolate.

Aside from the fact that the two help each other grow, I realized my appreciation for the couple when I noticed how many of my favorite scenes in Marmalade Boy are of Ginta and Arimi. Watching the anime, I would get really excited whenever this couple would come onto the screen. I love the scene when Ginta and Arimi agree to team up to try and make Miki jealous. As cherry blossoms swirl in the background, Arimi wistfully mentions that Yuu won’t be jealous, and Ginta realizes for the first time how pretty she is. Another favorite scene of mine is when Ginta and Arimi see each other for the first time after Yuu and Miki start dating. While Ginta says that he’s found letting Miki go easy, Arimi laments that she can’t handle it. Seeing her sad face makes Ginta want to reach out and hold her, initiating his romantic feelings for her. Finally, another scene I love is of Arimi describing her feelings for Ginta after they’ve started going out. She says that she’s comfortable around him and feels safe when they’re together, and he gets so moved by her words that he kisses her. There are so many great scenes of this couple, that if Marmalade Boy ever got a sequel, I would want it to be about Ginta and Arimi.


2 thoughts on “The couples of Marmalade Boy: Ginta & Arimi

  1. They were perfect for each other. I knew they would end up together. Arimi is like perfection. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Everything she does is beautiful. She is the very essence of sophistication and Ginta isnt. Ginta is handsome yes. But not at the same level as Yuu or Satashi. He’s hot headed and he makes mistakes. He’s nothing like Arimi and yet they work. He’s hot, she’s cool (not cold). I just love them!

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