Love*Com: Risa’s ready for her closeup!

Love*Com: Risa’s ready for her closeup!

Love*Com is one of the funniest shojo manga I’ve ever read. Aside from having great dialogue and lovable characters, one of my favorite aspects of the series was the use of facial expressions. Aya Nakahara draws some of the most unique and fun facial expressions I’ve ever seen, so I thought I’d share some examples.

Risa’s famous ‘crab-ugly’ expression:

Love*Com volume 2, pg. 103

Some people know how to put on graceful airs no matter what the circumstances. Risa is not one of those people:

Love*Com volume 5, pg. 64

Risa’s feeling a little Munch today:

Love*Com volume 6, pg. 28

That smile would get any man going Risa:

Love*Com volume 6, pg. 46

Don’t listen to him Risa. You look gorgeous:

Love*Com volume 6, pg. 56

I’m sensing Gone With the Wind:

Love*Com volume 6, pg. 136

There may be such a thing as ‘too happy:’

Love*Com volume 7, pg. 133

The last time I saw a face like this I was at the zoo:

Love*Com volume 9, pg. 127

Risa was so close to being a 70s shojo heroine. All she needed was the curly hair:

Love*Com volume 12, pg. 68

And that was Risa in all her candid glory! Beautiful, isn’t it?



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