Skip Beat! – Kyoko & Sho

Skip Beat! – Kyoko & Sho

Skip Beat!’s Sho, Ren and Kyoko

I know a lot of people out there who have read Skip Beat! love Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami. I know there’s about a 99% chance that Ren and Kyoko will end up together. And I know that there have been many romantic scenes between them, several of which I’ve really liked, such as when Kyoko was acting as the character Mizuki from Dark Moon and she and Ren ended up on the floor together in volume 12. Yet despite all of this, I love seeing Kyoko and Sho Fuwa together. I’m not alone in this – there are other Skip Beat! fans who also root for (or at least wouldn’t mind) Kyoko and Sho dating, but I think they do so for slightly different reasons than me.  I think my stance with this is interesting because I don’t have a problem with Ren and Kyoko as a couple. It’s just that I think there’s something about Kyoko and Sho that feels very equal. While Kyoko looks up to Ren as an acting mentor, and Ren hides his true self around her, Kyoko and Sho are completely true to themselves around each other (even if that means they’re constantly fighting). I also feel as though Sho’s childishness and hot-temper goes along well with Kyoko, who keeps him in check with her ‘grudge Kyokos.’ What I love most is seeing the gradual change in Sho’s feelings. At first, he views Kyoko as just a childhood friend who is disposable, and she vows revenge upon him for using her. This may suggest that he doesn’t care about her (especially not romantically), but this may not be the case – the reason he feels this way is because he thinks she’s his.

My favorite story-arc in Skip Beat! so far (I’m up to volume 18 of the manga) has been of Kyoko acting as the angel in the promo for Sho’s album in volumes seven and eight. During this arc, Kyoko portrays the angel who kills the devil (none other than Sho) who her best friend has fallen in love with. When it is time to film the scene when Kyoko chokes Sho, he can’t stop looking at her, and they have to refilm it because it looked as though he was in love with her instead of her best friend. And in-between shooting, Kyoko and Sho’s bantering makes their costar Pochi, who likes Sho, feel jealous, and makes Sho’s managers realize that there’s a goofy side of himself he can only show to Kyoko because he’s always ‘Mr. Cool.’ Even little things like Sho and Kyoko having the exact same thoughts reinforce how in-sync they are with one another. This story-arc makes it clear that there’s something about Kyoko and Sho being together that makes people think the two of them are in love with one another.

There have been several story-arcs where Sho doesn’t show up, but he’s definitely in the back of my mind – I always anticipate the next time he and Kyoko will have the chance to go at it again. However, during the Sho-centered story-arc from volumes 14 to 16, I would probably have forgotten completely about Ren’s existence if it wasn’t for his narration expressing his fears that Sho may steal Kyoko’s affections. Ren’s narration, however, makes it clear how close Kyoko and Sho are to each other, and he believes that the two running into each other in Karuizawa is proof that they “must be bound by some sort of fate.” When the band Vie Ghoul steals Sho’s songs, its lead singer Reino decides to pursue Kyoko as well, pissing Sho off.  What I love about this arc is not only does it make it clear (to both the audience and to Sho himself) that Sho is in love with Kyoko, but also that Kyoko’s feelings for Sho are stronger than she’d like to admit. When Reino ‘attacks’ Kyoko in Karuizawa, the first person she thinks of to rescue her isn’t Ren – it’s Sho, and Reino even says that he feels as though she’s pretending to hate him. When Sho sees the two of them, he promptly beats Reino up at the risk of his career. And when Reino asks about the nature of their connection, Kyoko declares that she’d never get into a relationship with him that involves love and Sho huffily hides his disappointment. Both Reino and Ren realize that Kyoko’s hatred for Sho is stronger than her feelings for anyone else, which is why Reino wants Kyoko to hate him so that she’ll never forget him. Ren, on the other hand, is hurt to see that when the two of them are together they “create an atmosphere” that no one can interfere. And when Sho decides he won’t concede defeat to anyone but Kyoko in show business, Ren remarks that to him, Sho’s ‘challenge’ sounded more like a declaration of love. All of these things establish how strong the connection between the two of them is, and that bond feels much more natural and passionate than the one between Kyoko and Ren.


13 thoughts on “Skip Beat! – Kyoko & Sho

  1. I haven’t gotten far into the manga yet, but I agree with you. The first few volumes I have of Skip Beat! makes me intrigued by the dynamic between Sho and Kyoko. I already got the feeling that Sho was going to be a tough one for Ren to beat for Kyoko’s affections. Considering how driven Kyoko’s revenge plot towards Sho is it’s hard to believe that it’s all hate and no love underneath it all.

  2. More like two volumes in with Skip Beat. There’s so much manga I need to collect. Boys Over Flowers is going to be a huge project after I finish collecting Ceres.

  3. It’s hard to choose between the two. While I always like the constant banter between Sho and Kyoko, I’m leaning more towards Ren. Needless to say, I’m always interested to see what Sho will do next to Kyoko.

    1. Thanks for commenting! You’re right – I really like her interactions with both Ren and Sho, just for different reasons. I think maybe one reason I enjoy seeing how Sho acts around Kyoko is because he took her for granted for so long and now that he wants her she can’t stand him – so for as cool and confident as he tries to act he doesn’t know what to do when it comes to his feelings for Kyoko.

  4. I completely agree with your reasons for liking Sho and Kyoko together. I also got the feeling that the reason Sho “didn’t care” about her in the beginning was because he took her for granted. I never believed what some people say that he never loved her. I think he’s always loved her very much, but he took her for granted, and I think Kyoko is a bit to blame for that. The way she treated him, idolizing him, running after him and treating him like a child/angel or whatever when they were dating, it gave him too much confidence that she would always be there. She didn’t gain his respect because she wasn’t respectuful towards herself when with him, she let him walk all over her while they were still going out. I don’t blame Sho for taking her for granted the way he did because I can see the reasons why he did it. I’m not saying what he did was right, he was wrong and he hurt her, and as a girl I would have reacted exactly as she did. The problem is that Kyoko has partial fault in the development of their relationship, and I don’t think people see thatl and she doesn’t even see that. I like her with Ren as well, but I can’t say which one I would prefer her with… I’m leaning more towards Sho, because I think she can really be herself around him, as you said, even if they’re always fighthing. And I don’t think fighting is necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, I actually think it’s healthy. At least healthier than her relationship with Ren, where she completely idolizes him as a mentor and puts him on a pedestal and he basically holds himself back with her out of fear of her scars. I think Sho brings out her true character and he arouses her and makes her angry so she can fight those scars and overcome them. Patting her on the head like Ren does won’t heal her, and that’s why I like Sho. And moreover, I think he’s really maturing and after she dumped him he saw the type of woman Kyoko really is and he respects her now, and I think that by the end of the manga they would be such a great couple together… although I doubt it will happen, it’s perceptible that there’s a 99,9% chance she’ll end up with Ren. Oh well, I still love Sho.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! Sho definitely took Kyoko for granted – and while I’ve never thought about it before, I think you’re right that Kyoko enabled Sho to walk all over her by fawning over him all of the time. But if Kyoko hadn’t realized how much Sho used her, I’m not sure he would have realized his feelings for her. Admittedly, part of my preference for Sho and Kyoko is that I have a thing for bickering couples. While some people feel that the whole ‘arguing couple’ dynamic is is an unhealthy depiction of a relationship, I feel as though it shows that a couple is comfortable enough around each other to show their stubborn side. While Kyoko and Sho are like two peas in a pod, Kyoko is sort of awkward around Ren and almost has an inferiority complex around him, and I feel like she looks at him more as an actor than for who he really is. So even though I’m okay with Kyoko being paired with Ren, a little part of me still feels as though she and Sho just kind of go together better logically.

  5. I’m not pro sho fuwa as even a character, but I agree that Sho’s relationship with Kyoko is a deep one that can go in many different directions including true love. Their obstacles include Ren’s awesomeness and Sho’s own immaturity—-if Sho could be in love, it would be with Kyoko rather than any other girl, but I think he is still too selfish to even understand what love is, let alone be in a stable romantic relationship.

  6. Oh my goodness! If I knew you we could totally be best friend, even if you protest to it .. (lol,no kidding and feeling close aside).. I would like to say thank you for voicing this out, Everything you said from the first sentence to the last, Is what I’ve been dying to say. Honestly I’ve had a change of heart since the Valentines day arc and now I’m having a hard time going back to the RenXKyoko Ship (I mean, I used to be all Kyaaa~ with the RenXKyoko moment but not as much as now) also you’ve given me a new perspective: like *”two of them are together they “create an atmosphere” that no one can interfere” and *”there’s something about Kyoko and Sho being together that makes people think the two of them are in love with one another.” and other stuff.
    Oh and “I’m also looking forward to seeing Sho and Kyoko at it again,,haha
    (Sorry for the blab, I’m just excited to see someone having the same feeling at

    Although, My KyokoXSho rooting also died when I saw Sho hit Her, So I’m like Nah–

    anyway great post (y) love it… and try to think about ShoXMoko to it’s nice 🙂

  7. Sho ruined his chance to be with Kyoko romantically but I think they should be friends cause they have been friends/in each others’ lives since childhood and he does care in his way.

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