Black Bird: Longest. Sex. Scene. Ever.

Black Bird: Longest. Sex. Scene. Ever.

After eight volumes of fretting over where, when and in what position they should consummate their relationship, Kyo and Misao have finally done the deed. Because Kyo is a tengu (a crow demon), he and Misao were afraid of what would happen to her if they slept together and she got pregnant, but in volume eight, Kyo gets poisoned and he can only be cured through sex. Of course. Black Bird isn’t exactly the most thought-provoking manga, but volume eight of Viz’s release of the series definitely crystallizes just how guilty I feel at the enjoyment I get from reading this manga. I guess I should praise Kanako Sakurakoji for managing to make Kyo and Misao’s union such a climatic event despite the fact that all of the couple’s problems could easily be resolved by using a condom.  This was also the longest sex scene I’ve ever read in a manga, coming (haha) in at a length of 29 pages.  Black Bird was already full of body-licking flirtation and chocolate-covered foreplay, so I shouldn’t have expected that a sex scene in this series would be demure. Instead of describing this less-than-coy scene, I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

page 158:

page 161:

page 164 (the sex scene is also intertwined with the image of a bird. How subtle):

page 174:

page 180:

I’m sure there are longer sex scenes out there. I’m sure there are less tasteful sex scenes out there. But for a series that seems to take itself pretty seriously, it’s hard to see Black Bird as more than just a smut manga. But at least it does smut well, and that’s why I’m still reading it.


8 thoughts on “Black Bird: Longest. Sex. Scene. Ever.

  1. Now that’s interesting. I didn’t realize Black Bird was so smutty. XD As for sex scenes in manga, yeah I can’t think of any as long as what you described for this one. Black Bird is in fact on my list of the many things I wish to read. At least I know I’ll be reading tasteful smut. 😉

    1. I don’t hate on Black Bird as much as some other people do, because it does at least attempt at a plot and at the very least it’s interesting (I’ve read a few manga that despite their smuttiness couldn’t capture my attention). It’s probably the only guilty-pleasure manga I’ve stuck with. And, yes, it’s “tasteful” 🙂

  2. Love your comment re “condoms”.. lol~

    I guess the story is kind of like saying: Not only it is the end result that counts, but also the process of delivering that result during which the issues of cultural values, beliefs and human qualities are reflected……. : )

    But I won’t deny saying Black Bird is not my “guilty pleasure”…. *wink*

    1. Thank you for the compliment! And speaking of different cultural values, I know that Black Bird won the Shogakukan Manga Award in Japan, so either they are more open about their appreciation for guilty pleasures or perhaps this series is still tame enough to them that it isn’t considered one.

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