Cover-to-Cover: Skip Beat!

Cover-to-Cover: Skip Beat!

Cover-to-Cover is a column where I’ll choose my favorite cover from a particular series. This time around it’s Skip Beat! The art in Skip Beat! isn’t exactly something I pay as much attention to as, say, Kyoko’s crazy ‘grudge’ ghouls or her relationship with Sho. However, one thing I appreciate about Skip Beat! is that each cover almost always reflects what’s going on during the storyline of that particular volume. For example, volume twelve’s cover is of Ren and Kyoko portraying Kazuki and Mizuki, who are characters from the drama they’re filming, while volume fifteen’s cover features Reino, Sho’s music rival, who had just been introduced to the story. But right away I knew exactly which cover I wanted to choose: volume seven.

First, I’ve made it clear that I prefer Kyoko and Sho as a couple over her and Ren, so it makes sense that I’d choose one of the few covers with Sho on it. The fact that I love Sho’s costume doesn’t hurt, either. Artistically speaking, I also like the pattern on the borders of the cover (which works well with the feather in Sho’s mouth).  But I think the main reason I like this cover so much is because I love the story arc that starts with this volume. In it, Kyoko acts in the promo for Sho’s album, and thus this is the first time she and Sho directly interact with one another after she enters show business. In the promo, Sho is a devil (hence the costume) who falls in love with an angel, and Kyoko, who is playing the angel’s best friend, must kill Sho. Sho realizes how good of an actress Kyoko has become and begins to see her as more than just his childhood friend, and this is apparent to everyone around him. His manager notices the way he stares at Kyoko while Pochi, who plays the angel who falls in love with him (and has a crush on him in real life) is jealous of their interactions. Because this was the point in the manga Kyoko and Sho’s chemistry first became apparent to me and eventually became my favorite story arc in the series, volume seven’s cover makes me think of all of the things I like about Skip Beat!


6 thoughts on “Cover-to-Cover: Skip Beat!

  1. I really really need to read this manga. It sound so good and I’ve been recommended it a few times already. Ah, this post is not helping. I’m already liking the scenario you describe. xD

    1. I’d definitely recommend Skip Beat! – Kyoko’s obsessive need for revenge is really funny. Even though the romance between her and Ren hasn’t progressed much over the 18 volumes I’ve read so far, it doesn’t bother me as much as in some other manga because the series is just as much about Kyoko’s acting career as it is about her love life, which is really interesting.

  2. I’m not sure who I prefer when it comes to who Kyoko should be paired up with. I think it’s likely that the canon couple is Ren and Kyoko, but from the volumes I’ve read thus far I have yet to develop any warm feelings toward Sho. Maybe when I get further into the manga I will?

    1. For me, it’s not that I have warm feelings for Sho – it’s that I have warm feelings when I see Kyoko and Sho together. But I will say Ren is interesting with his pretend ‘gentlemanly’ smiles.

  3. I’m a Ren X Kyoko shipper, but I always enjoy seeing Sho and Kyoko’s interaction with each other. They’re closer and have unique chemistry together, unlike Ren and Kyoko’s relationship in which they’re more like shy strangers.

    Anyways, I think Kyoko’s acting in Sho’s promo cemented her position in the entertainment industry. I am really impressed with her approach in acting. What I like most about Skip Beat! is seeing the actors take on their roles. It’s fascinating, really.

    1. I love seeing the actors take on their roles too – it’s fun seeing Kyoko figure out how she should convey a certain emotion. It’s also great because as the series goes on we see that no matter how great she is at acting frightening and conveying powerful emotions, in her real life Kyoko feels as though she can’t fall in love again because of the heartbreak she’s suffered.

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