How to get your guy, shojo-style

How to get your guy, shojo-style

Many shojo anime and manga feature heartrending love stories, some of which are painfully realistic and others that put any Fabio-clad romance novel to shame. I have compiled a list of great romantic advice from some of the most popular shojo series, which will help you capture the heart of the man of your dreams. With a lot of determination and a little luck, these tips should help you get any man you desire!

  • Blackmail him: Shojo heroines often have to contend with guys who are way too cold and smart for their own good, so if the girl wants to bring him down and make him realize she’s his perfect match, she’s gonna have to fight dirty. Just look at Sana’s experience in Kodocha – when bad boy Akito started causing trouble in their sixth grade classroom, Sana decided to take his ‘monkey reign’ down by threatening him with a picture of him with his pants down. It didn’t take very long for Akito to fall for her (though that whole putting his family back together thing may have helped). Kotoko in Itazura na Kiss also used this tactic in volume two, when her heartless crush Naoki made fun of her stupidity at their class’ graduation party, and she got revenge by showing off baby pictures of him dressed up as a girl. Oh sure, Naoki yelled at her for doing it, but his next reaction was to kiss her, so not only will blackmail get you your desired results – you’ll get them fast!  And for any guys looking to shojo manga for advice to help improve your love life, blackmail works just as well when guys use it on their girls, such as in His and Her Circumstances when Arima got Yukino to do all of his schoolwork when he found out that her ‘perfect student’ image was an act, while in the first volume of Hot Gimmick, Ryoki manipulates Hatsumi into becoming his slave when he sees her buying a pregnancy test for her younger sister.
  • Stalk him:Don’t believe people when they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – in a battle as complex as love, you have to be at the front line at all times. At the beginning of Peach Girl, Momo mentions that she chose which high school to attend because of her crush – talent and career goals be damned. But the most extreme example has to be Mizuki from Hana-Kimi: she moved all the way to Japan, pretended to be a boy and enrolled in an all-boys school just to be near Sano, the high-jumper she’d admired for so long. Sano falls for her cheerful stubborness, but I have a feeling the fact that Mizuki was around him 24/7 didn’t hurt, either. It’s even better if you manage to move in with him like Miki does in Marmalade Boy (although that was her parents fault). It won’t take him too long to decide he loves you, even if he does see you without your make-up on – because having a live-in girlfriend saves time. 
  • Sponge off of him: If you do manage to get into the same school as the object of your affections, chances are the tuition will be so high Donald Trump would weep. Take advantage of the perks of not being in the Top 1 percent by having your guy spoil you! Your guy will be so fascinated by your strange ways (like making bento lunches and taking out the garbage) that every chance he gets he’ll shower you with lavish gifts and vacations, like Tamaki does for Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club. Of course, you can’t expect or ask him to be your sugar-daddy – when he gives you that necklace that’s worth more than the entire McDonalds franchise, promptly scold him for spending so much money on you. Because then he’ll know you’re not with him for the money, which will make him love you more and he’ll buy you even more stuff. But if you’re as brazen as Ran from Super Gals!, you won’t need to hide your intentions to mooch off your man: Ran has every guy in Shibuya lining up to buy her everything from takoyaki to limited edition watches so they can be her guy, but it’ll take more than that to win her heart. Take notes ladies, take notes.
  • Beat the crap out of him: Guys in shojo manga tend to have girls fawning over them all of the time, so the best way to stand out is to make it clear that you aren’t interested in him at all with a nice slap and he’ll be head-over-heels in no time. The best example of this occurs in Boys Over Flowers, when Tsukushi stands up to rich bully Tsukasa by giving him a hard kick to the face, and it doesn’t take long for him to fall for her. Similarly, in the first volume of B.O.D.Y, when Ryoko finds out Ryunosuke works at a host club and he comes onto her, she gives him a swift punch to the face. This intrigues him so much he decides that he wants to win her heart. Once your guy sees how spunky you are he’ll do anything to make you his – whether you want him or not!
  • Cheating works.

    Cheat on him: What better way to get your man’s attention than to show him he’s got competition? Shojo gals tend to have a spare guy or two interested in them, so they may as well put them to good use! Kotoko does this twice in Itazura na Kiss – she goes on several dates with nice-guy Taketo in places where Naoki can see her in order to make him jealous, and later on in the series when Kotoko believes she’s lost Naoki for good, she decides to accept her hopeless suitor Kin-chan’s marriage proposal, prompting Naoki to confess his feelings for her. Another example occurs in High School Debut volume five – when Haruna tries to hook up her friends Mami and Asaoka, her boyfriend Yoh gets annoyed when Haruna constantly compliments Asaoka, and the two end up in a fight. In order to get Yoh to apologize, Asaoka decides to take Haruna out on a date in the hopes that Yoh will follow them and admit his jealousy (Haruna gets kind of swept up into his plan). After going to dinner and a movie, Asaoka decides to up the ante by telling Haruna she should cheat on Yoh with him and tries to kiss her. This finally lures Yoh out and the two make up, and Haruna begins to realize how much Yoh cares about her. This tactic works so well that not only do you and your guy not need to be an official couple – you don’t even have to cheat on purpose! For example, when Fuji forces a kiss on Ann in Sand Chronicles, her boyfriend Daigo blames himself and the two grow closer. So anytime you find yourself doubting your guy’s love, a little tryst on the side should work wonders.

So there you have it! With these tips in hand, you’ll be able to get the man of your dreams in no time! And if you’re lucky, he’ll be a seemingly mean pretty boy who is sweet only around you and happens to heir to a multibillion dollar company – just like every shojo leading man out there!

*Results not guaranteed. Actually, some of these could land you in jail. Please proceed with caution if you choose to attempt any of these. You have been warned.


16 thoughts on “How to get your guy, shojo-style

  1. Its funny when you think about how girls in shojo get their dream guy and then compare it to real life. Half the things they do would result in a restraining order or just general creeper label. Loved this post, a few others could be kissing, waiting and just being interested in a guy (he’s guaranteed to like you eventually!)

    1. Thanks! I considered putting ‘persistently pursuing a guy even when he has no interest’ (because he WILL change his mind – this is shojo), but I figured these other categories kind of covered this already. As for kissing, even though most shojo heroines say that they’ve dreamed about kissing their crush, very few of them are brazen enough to initiate a kiss (at least before they’re in a relationship. The only example I can think of where the girl kisses the guy to confess her feelings is Risa in Love*Com, and that didn’t go too well…at first). 😉

  2. Wow! I absolutely loved this! I loved how you wrote it too as if it were an advice column in Cosmo magazine gone wrong. 😉

    It’s insane how for some reason we read this stuff in the manga, are okay with the situations presented, and then we realize these have to be the scariest crap you would NEVER want happen to you in real life. Or if we tried some of these on guys, they’d think we would need to be committed in the looney bin. Great post as always!

    1. I always wanted to write some sort of fun shojo-inspired guide – although I have to say Cosmo has given plenty of bad advice out in some of its real articles!

      Even though we’d never want this stuff to happen in real life, it’s probably because it’s so outlandish that it’s so fun to read in manga.

      It’s also weird to think about the double standards of these scenarios – imagine if guys tried to do these things (whether in manga or in real life). It’d be scary, not romantic!

  3. Great post as usual. I agree with everyone, it’s funny how you read these and are perfectly fine with them but no way would you ever do this yourself. This post complements the “So Japanese girls like it rough” post you did. Two faces of the same coin, I think.

    Also the disclaimer at the end, simply perfect~ You have a great sense of humour. 😀

    That said, some of these definitely can annoy me as well. Stalk him is probably my least favourite because the girl and story tend to obsess on the guy too much. Blackmail is fun to watch because it’s usually done in a funny manner. Hit him, depends. I liked how it was done in HYD. Haven’t seen many sponge on him or cheat on him. I could probably get behind the former when done Ouran style. Cheat on him, eh, I guess it depends on how it’s handled. I don’t really like the super jealous types to begin with (usually)…so my gut tells me I probably wouldn’t like this one at all.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I really don’t like when the whole girl’s life revolves around the guy she’s in love with and she has no other goals, which unfortunately is quite common. I think Itazura na Kiss is the worst offender since Kotoko attempts several of these scenarios, but I love that series so much.

      As for cheating, I can’t think of any series where the female purposely has a fling with someone else – but I can think of a few where even though she didn’t do anything with the other guy, she did try to make her guy jealous.

      1. I just read your review on Itazura na Kiss and it definitely sounds interesting. The things you touch on sound unfortunate (and I’ve known about some of them just by looking around about info on Japan’s society). But I’m always up to seeing more of Japanese society through manga. Add another one to my pile of to read.

        haha, yeah most shoujo manga do not want to cross that line. Only “bad” women, really cheat, after all. 😉

  4. Lol, love the list, even though I don’t read many shojo mangas (since I’m into action, which is mostly shonen mangas), I love the crazy stuff those girls do in order to get the guy, and the crazy love/hate relationships, like even though both the girl and the guy love each other, they’re too embarrassed to admit it.
    It’s funny how we’re ok with what these crazy characters do in mangas, books, and tv, but in real life very few people would actually be brave or stupid enough to do these things and not get in trouble. Which is one of the reasons why I love mangas and anime so much.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Of course we know better than to do any of these things in real life, but it’s very amusing to see or read these things in anime and manga because it doesn’t happen in real life. Unfortunately, a girl won’t always get her man in the real world – so it’s nice to fantasize in manga.

  5. so true so true, the list gave me a laugh! What is scary though is when some of these tips relate to reality, like cheating or sponge off of him… really immature and sneaky ways to earn attention

    1. Oh yes, unfortunately there are people who do some of these things in real life as well, because they think cheating is the only way the get a guy’s attention or because they have ulterior motives. But it’s interesting that these things not only occur more often in shojo than in real life, but also are not really addressed as ‘bad’ or ‘harmful’ when they happen in manga.

  6. This is two years old but I would like to add something: Yuu stalked Miki in the Marmalade Boy prequel movie. So that’s a guy example for you right there. He first saw her when she was playing tennis at a park and then started following her around. Miki wasn’t even aware that Yuu was right behind her. If I were Miki, I would freak out if I found out that Yuu is stalking me. Honestly, even if a guy is good-looking, I’d still freak out if a guy follows me around.

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