Cover-to-Cover: Sailor Moon

Cover-to-Cover: Sailor Moon

Cover-to-Cover is a column where I’ll choose my favorite cover from a particular series. This time, it’s the one and only Sailor Moon! This Cover-to-Cover is going to be a little different than my previous ones because the Sailor Moon manga has had the honor of being released not once, but twice in America. And while I own the original Tokyopop edition of the manga, there are many people who are just getting into the series through the Kodansha release. Not only that, but the re-releases are quite lovely, and I have a fondness for the simple yet elegant covers. Thus, I’ll be choosing my favorite cover from both the original release and Kodansha’s re-release.

Of the original eighteen volume release of the series, one thing that sticks out to me is how many of the covers are group images.  Several volumes are of all the Sailor Senshi, and these covers match the tone of the manga at its most serious moments. But I have to say, of all the covers in this release I probably like the image on volume eight the best. It’s simple but lovely – Usagi is giving the reader a pretty smile while gorgeous pink flowers surround her. I think I’m a sucker for covers that highlight nature and the passing of the seasons, so I guess it makes sense that this would be my cover choice. And while many of the manga covers feature the Senshi, this cover is of Usagi the girl, not Sailor Moon – and I think that’s part of the reason why I like it.

Now, choosing my favorite cover for the Kodansha release of the manga is going to be a lot harder. First of all, I have to say that it’s impressive how much Naoko Takeuchi’s artwork had improved by the time she drew the covers for this edition of the manga. The character’s faces seem rounder, and overall the covers have a softer (dare I say, more feminine?) feel that really suits Sailor Moon. The covers are also more simple, and many of them only highlight one Senshi. At first, I considered choosing volume four’s cover because Jupiter is my favorite Senshi (and because I love her pink and green color combination). But I’m going to cheat and choose a cover that Kodansha has not yet released yet: volume 12. I have a fondness for seeing Neo-Queen Serenity because she’s so regal and I’ve always loved her dress. But what really made me choose this cover is that Neo-Queen Serenity is with Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi, and I’ve always liked seeing pictures of these characters as their future selves. Overall, though, I love all of the covers of the Kodansha release of the manga because of the use of white backgrounds, which allows the image to speak for itself. Sometimes less really is more.


9 thoughts on “Cover-to-Cover: Sailor Moon

  1. I really like the Volume 8 cover too. It’s one of my favorite images. The Kodansha cover for 12 is also really pretty too. I always liked Takeuchi’s artwork. The colors and the softer drawings as you put it makes her artwork very distinct.

  2. Oh nice choice! The volume 8 cover is lovely. I also like the simplicity of the new Kodansha covers; the white spines with different coloured writing look great on a bookshelf ^_^

    1. Thanks for commenting! The Kodansha covers (as well as the new translation) are so tempting me to double-dip on the series; but right now I’m busy collecting other series so it will have to hold off.

  3. Great picks! Those two are some of my favourites as well. For the TP editions, I would say my favourite of the group would have to be volume 17 (or volume 2 of stars).
    It’s the only one with a side perspective, which I thought looked nice and those wings. So pretty. (as you can probably tell, I’ve got a thing for wings! xD)

    For the Kodansha covers, 12 is also my favourite of the group, but like you I’ve got a soft spot for 4 (Jupiter’s cover) and 9 (Pluto’s cover). Those two are my favourite senshi after manga Moon. :3

    1. Ah, it’s so funny you chose volume two of Stars, because the only other covers I considered from the Tokyopop release were Stars volumes one and two. While wings may not be functional for fighting, they sure look pretty. 🙂 And it’s hard to resist covers of your favorite characters.

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