Cover-to-Cover: Dengeki Daisy

Cover-to-Cover: Dengeki Daisy

      Cover-to-Cover is a column where I’ll choose my favorite cover from a particular series. This time it’s one of my favorite recent series: Dengeki Daisy! Going into this, I knew choosing which cover I like most for Dengeki Daisy was going to be difficult because I love the series’ art. Kurosaki and Teru’s character designs are sharp and attractive, and even the manga’s black and white artwork is effectively cute yet sensual. Most importantly, with the exception of volume eight’s cover, every cover of the nine volumes Viz has released so far has featured the couple on it. This is especially appealing to me because I love covers with the main couple on them. I’ve already expressed my love for this couple before, so this made my decision even tougher. There were a few covers that stood out to me right away, especially volumes seven, three, six, and two. When I first saw the cover of volume seven,  I immediately loved it. I loved that Kurosaki was kissing Teru’s hand, and both of them are drawn really well. However, the reason I didn’t choose this cover was because Teru is crying. Even though I like the cover on it’s own, I prefer to see images of my favorite characters looking happy together.  The cover of volume three is cute because Teru is staring up at Kurosaki, who is holding her chin in his hand. I’m not as in love with the colors of this cover, however, not to mention I’m not crazy about the way Teru’s hair is drawn. Thus, even though I like both of these images they simply can’t hold up to the high standards of some of the series’ other covers.

       So it comes down to volumes two and six. Unlike my other Cover-to-Cover choices, this isn’t a case of which one is better, because both of them really capture the essence of both the characters and the series.  Volume two’s cover has Teru with an adorable expression on her face, and I love that it seems as though she just kind of naturally fell into Kurosaki’s arms. Volume six has Teru embracing Kurosaki from behind as he plays with her hair. Even though all of the covers feature daisies on them (for obvious reasons), the daisies suit this cover particularly well – it almost feels as though Kurosaki and Teru are sitting in a grassy field in a park somewhere. I love that Kurosaki is playing with her hair, and their expressions are just so loving I can’t help but smile. Most importantly, Teru and Kurosaki’s pose is pretty unique as a cover image, and I feel like they look like equals on this cover (which is interesting to note considering the fact that Kurosaki is supposed to be Teru’s protector, not to mention since he’s several years older than her). So as much as I love the cover of volume two, I’m gonna have to pick volume six’s cover image as my favorite cover for Dengeki Daisy. Just don’t tell volume two.


6 thoughts on “Cover-to-Cover: Dengeki Daisy

  1. I really enjoy covers with the couples on them too. Although I have yet to read Dengeki Daisy, this is really a beautiful cover to look at. It has a romantic and dreamy quality to it.

    1. There’s just something about seeing your favorite couples looking happy together that makes me glad. And I agree that this cover feels dreamy in a way some of the other covers in this series aren’t.

  2. This series is definitely on my “to read” list. This cover is gorgeous, I also love seeing covers that feature couples. They look so cute and relaxed ^_^

  3. Ah, Dengeki Daisy, one of my all-time favourites. I agree that volume 6’s cover is the best so far, I get less bickery, more gentle vibes from it. I also love Kurosaki’s hair colour on this one! It normally seems a lot darker on other covers (e.g. vol. 1).

    1. Dengeki Daisy is probably the series I’m most addicted to right now. Although bickery covers definitely suit this couple, the laid-back feel of this cover was so sweet I couldn’t resist. And you’re right about Kurosaki’s hair color – this is one of the few covers that his hair actually looks bleached.

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