Fushigi Yugi: the ultimate seven

Fushigi Yugi: the ultimate seven

When I watched Fushigi Yugi‘s anime, by the time Miboshi, one of Yui’s seven seishi (celestial warriors), was introduced, it became obvious that Yui had gotten the short end of the stick. While Miaka’s celestial warriors upheld their duty to protect her and all care about her deeply, Yui’s team often put their own motives ahead of her well-being. Now that I’m reading Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden, I began to wonder: of all four sets of guardians, which seven celestial warriors would I want to be part of my team if I were a priestess trapped in the Universe of the Four Gods? I thought it might be fun to write about, so here are my picks:


Status: Suzaku Celestial Warrior

Reason: I chose Tamahome because above all, he’s fiercly loyal to Miaka and willing to do anything to protect her. He always bends over backwards for his teammates, and is a great big brother to his many siblings. Tamahome is very kind, and basically the perfect boyfriend – not to mention the fact that’s he’s hot doesn’t hurt either.


Status: Suzaku Celestial Warrior

Reason: Tasuki controls fire, which is a great advantage to have on your side. But aside from his power, Tasuki is a funny character who is quick to anger, and while he always puts on a tough guy act it’s obvious that he cares deeply about his comrades. And despite the fact that he claims to hate women, he cares very much about Miaka’s feelings, which is evident not long after he is introduced and gets his ass kicked when he refuses to fight a brainwashed Tamahome at Miaka’s request.


Status: Suzaku Celestial Warrior

Reason: Because Nuriko is probably my favorite character in all of Fushigi Yugi. He’s haughty yet somehow wise, and he is usually the shoulder Miaka turns to cry on. While the other celestial warriors often tease him for being a crossdresser, he always manages to appear cool. Nuriko is also one of the strongest celestial warriors, so having him on your side can only be a benefit.


Status: Genbu Celestial Warrior

Reason: Of all of the love interests in Fushigi Yugi, Uruki is probably my favorite. Usually Yuu Watase’s male characters are a bit too perfect: they are willing to give up everything to be with the woman they love, are perfect at everything they do, and are great-looking to boot. While these things are true of Uruki as well, he also has an angtsy cynical side to him that has been caused by the fact that his father wants him dead. The fact that Uruki is a prince means he knows the land well, however, it also has made him a target for assassins, which is an obvious detriment. Still, I’d choose Uruki because he has many interesting quirks: not only can he control wind, but when he uses his powers, he turns into a girl! I can only imagine how jealous that would make Nuriko.


Status: Genbu Celestial Warrior

Reason: Of all the celestial warriors, I truly think Namame is the best one. He’s tiny and made of rock, so you’d think he wouldn’t be very helpful but the truth is actually the opposite: because he’s so tiny he can protect priestess Takiko without ever being seen! Namame is also a shapeshifter, which allows him to turn into a horse the celestial warriors can travel with, as well as a dome the warriors can sleep in. Thus, I would choose Namame because he’s probably the most practical of the celestial warriors. And he’s cute.


Status: Genbu Celestial Warrior

Reason: I have to respect Yuu Watase for deciding to make a character like Inami a celestial warrior. While most of the celestial warriors are young men who open up the opportunity for romance with the priestess, Inami is a middle-aged woman who you’d never suspect to be a warrior. Although she’s not the strongest seishi, she’s a confidante and source of wisdom to Takiko, which makes having her on your side beneficial. And her power includes the ability to trap people with her hair, which is pretty cool.


Status: Seiryu Celestial Warrior

Reason: At first glance, choosing Nakago might not seem like a wise decision. He manipulates Yui into believing she was raped and convinces her to betray her best friend, all while using the other Seiryu celestial warriors to his own benefit. But Nakago is by far the most powerful of all the celestial warriors, and it literally took all seven Suzaku warriors to defeat him. But the real reason I’d choose Nakago is more from my perspective as an audience member: because I truly think Fushigi Yugi wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as it is if Nakago weren’t in it.   

And those are my choices! I feel bad for not picking any Byakko celestial warriors, but considering the fact that the Byakko storyline hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet it shouldn’t be too surprising. Which celestial warriors would you guys pick to be on your team?


7 thoughts on “Fushigi Yugi: the ultimate seven

  1. This is a fun idea! I don’t know if I can choose seven off the top of my head, but I would also choose Tamahome, Tasuki, and Nuriko. One of my own personal choices would be Mitsukake because he’s a healer, and having a healer is definitely useful when traveling through different places. You don’t know what kind of trouble you may encounter.

    I haven’t had a chance to pick up Genbu Kaiden, but I am curious to read the prequel to the actual main storyline of FY.

    As much as I enjoy Nakago as a character and villain, I really would be wary of choosing him for my ultimate team of seven. It’s because he’s so good at head games and has no problem backstabbing you when he gets the chance–I doubt I would want him protecting me if I were the priestess. But that’s just me. 😛

    1. Thanks! 🙂 When I was choosing among the celestial warriors, I was looking at both their personalities and powers. Mitsukake has a very useful power, but he’s not the most interesting character in my opinion, which is why I didn’t choose him. Also, I considered putting Tomite because he controls ice (which is also a nice contrast to Tasuki’s powers), but I wanted to include a female character so I picked Inami instead.

      My choice to put Nakago on my team is definitely more from my perspective as a reader than if I were a priestess.

  2. I’ve watched/read Fushigi Yuugi/Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden and I’m fascinated of both manga’s and the beauty of the anime version.
    My characters choice would be ( ^ _ ^ ):
    Tamahome because he’s loyal to Miaka, one of the best warrior in the series and a kind son/brother of his family.
    Hotohori he’s the 4th emperor of Konan,gentle and warm and caring for others.He is also experienced in martial arts.

    1. I felt bad not putting Hotohori on my list! But even though he’s the emperor, which is useful because the priestess needs to be hidden because she comes from a foreign land and stands out a lot, as a celestial warrior Hotohori’s not actually that powerful.

  3. I agree with simpleek, this is a pretty neat idea~ Unfortunately, I haven’t finished Yushigi Yugi yet nor have I started Genbu Kaiden. So my list is kind of incomplete at the moment but out of the warriors I’ve seen so far: Nuriko (also my favourite character in FY *high five* plus great offensive power), Chichiri (good for general knowledge, spying, stealth, offensive and defensive combat, and I like his cryptic and silly personality), Tatsuki (another one of my favourite characters and I agree fire would be very useful all around), Soi (she seems like a cool warrior and weather control would be useful for both battle and other things). That’s it for now. I’m not very familiar with Genbu and Byakko’s warriors so I can’t finish my team right now. Although from how you describe Namame, it looks like s/he would also be a good choice (plus I can’t resist the mascot characters xD )

    1. Thank you! I know alot of people love Chichiri and I can see why they would choose him – he can disguise himself as other people and has the ability to teleport and phase through walls. *High five’s you back on Nuriko.* Namame is a stealth warrior – he doesn’t look like much but he’s extremely handy. And I definitely recommend Genbu Kaiden – you’ll definitely enjoy it because the characters are all very lovable.

  4. Another reason Tasuki is a no brainer top pick is that his actual Suzaku power is super speed. Dude is FAST. We just don’t see it much other than his first episode because he’s got the fan (not because he’s a Suzaku warrior but because he’s the leader of the Mt. Reikaku Bandits) and uses that more often.

    Also give him those summoning sheets and he can use magic too.

    And then the other reason is at the end after many others are dead he goes into the huge battle/war with his bandit’s on the Emperor’s (Hotohori) side. Their powers have been blocked at this point so all that Tasuki fighting there is just pure man. And I do mean man! The battle even takes Hotohori but Tasuki makes it out alive without his powers, with just his fighting/bandit skills.

    Alll things considered Tasuki is easily the most powerful of the Suzaku 7. Not to mention his good looks and fun personality. I was recently doing some research for a fan fic and while reading Tasuki’s write up it became pretty clear that he has so much going for him as a fighter.

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