Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

I’ll be participating in the Anime Blogger Interrogation Game, which both Simpleek and Soaringwings have tagged me in. Since I’ve been tagged twice, I’ll answer both sets of questions in this one post. Let’s get started!

Rules (copy/pasted from the original)

  • Each person is supposed to follow the rule of fives.You are allowed to ask 5 questions, after which you can tag up to 5 bloggers by hyper-linking to their blog; 5 questions because it’s not too many to flood another blogger and occupy too much of his/her time, but yet a large enough number to ask your most important questions, and 5 bloggers to avoid spamming. Hence, prioritize your questions, and who you wish to ask!
  • Those tagged are obliged to answer the questions in a blog post, and after which, they are entitled to create their own 5 questions and tag 5 other bloggers, so on and so forth. You are allowed to tag the person that tagged you in the first place. Also, copy and paste this section on your blog so others can understand how the game goes.
  • In the case where a blogger strongly refuses to answer a question, he/she must instead post a nice anime image, wallpaper or cosplay picture, et cetera in response to that question.
  • To make things interesting, a blogger can include wildcards in his/her 5 questions by placing an asterisk, (*), after which those tagged are obliged to reveal something interesting about themselves that others did not previously know. There is no limit to the number of asterisks one can place (which means there can be up to 5 wildcard questions).
  • Anyone can feel free to start the game; you don’t necessarily need someone to tag you. Just create your 5 questions and tag your 5 people of choice. However, the catch is that you must answer your own 5 questions as well.
  • To potentially prevent an endless game, this round of games will end on the 8th September 2012, 12pm JST (GMT +9). After which, no more bloggers can tag others to answer their questions.

Here are Simpleek’s questions:

1. If you can go on a date with any anime character, who would it be and why?

2. When you first got into anime/manga, has it increased your interest in the Japanese language or culture?

3. How did you get into anime/manga?

4. What anime series, if any, are you currently watching?

5. If for one day you could be part of your favorite anime series, what would it be and why?

And here are my answers to Simpleek’s questions:

1. This is tough because most of the male anime characters I like I don’t think I’d want to go on a date with. Most guys in anime are too perfect (Tamahome) or would probably be not-so-nice on a date (Akito, Tsukasa), so I can’t imagine a date going well. I guess I’d choose Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club because he’s so goofy that there’s no way we wouldn’t have a good time. Plus, he’s rich and all about showing a lady a good time, so it’d probably be a date I’d never forget!

2.  My interest in Japanese culture has definitely increased because of anime. I’ve picked up many Japanese words from watching anime over the past decade or so, and I even considered studying Japanese in college (but didn’t because I was able to finish my language requirement faster by sticking with French, which I had studied in both middle school and high school). I also like listening to Japanese music and eating Japanese food, which is both delicious and addictive. I’ve also watched a few j-dramas, which has led me onto other Asian dramas (Tawainese, Korean, etc.).

3.  Like pretty much any female anime fan, my first anime was Sailor Moon, which I used to watch on TV at 6:00 in the morning and then on Toonami. A few years later I got into Tenchi Muyo!, and from there on it spiraled. My first manga was also Sailor Moon, which I believe I read around 2002. But it took me a lot longer to spread my wings when it came to manga – it wasn’t until 2005 when Shojo Beat started that I began reading manga series other than Sailor Moon, and I’ve never looked back since.

4. I just started watching Twelve Kingdoms. I’m only five episodes in, but from what I’ve seen it already seems like it will be a harsh series. I tend to like series where girls get trapped in another world (Fushigi Yugi, Red River, etc.), and since I’ve always heard good things about Twelve Kingdoms I decided to give it a shot. I also recently finished Princess Tutu, and I bawled my eyes out watching the last three episodes.

5. Hmm, this is hard. Honestly, I think spending a day with the main characters from Azumanga Daioh would be really fun. They’re crazy and remind me a bit of my friends. But in terms of setting, I’ve always had an obsession with Crystal Tokyo from Sailor Moon – I used to draw pictures of it all the time and wonder what it’d be like to live there, so I’d definitely love to visit it.

Now here are Soaringwings’ questions:

1. If you could pick any anime/manga to have a sequel (in an extended epilogue sort of way that continued the story beyond the ending), which would it be?

2. Do you have any anime/manga pet peeves? If so, what are they?

3. Which manga would you love to see get an anime adaptation?

4. When watching an anime, outside of the story and characters, what aspect is most important to you?

5. If you could have the powers of any magical girl, which one would it be and why?

And here are my answers to Soaringwings’ questions:

1.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record I’m going to have to say Boys Over Flowers. I wanted to see the main characters get married, darnit! More than that, I wanted to see what the daily lives of the characters I’d grown to love would be like. Would all of the F4 members have taken over their fathers’ companies? How would Tsukasa’s mother interact with Tsukushi after she stopped trying to tear the two apart? And what kind of parents would Tsukushi and Tsukasa be (awesome ones, I’d bet)? But even so, I’m still content with where the series ended.

2. I have tons of anime pet-peeves, some of which I’ve already written about (such as the main male love interest always having some sort of fan club). Another gripe I have is the overabundance of clichéd lines. So many anime series use lines like “I will protect you” or “I’ll never forgive you” that they no longer have impact. I think the latter is especially annoying to me because while it may be insulting to Japanese viewers, in the west it doesn’t work. Besides, if someone did something that was so bad you can’t forgive them, then they probably wouldn’t even care about whether you forgive them or not at all.

3. I think Dengeki Daisy really deserves an anime. I actually don’t get why this hasn’t been animated yet – it’s funny, it’s got romance, and a strangely interesting storyline that deals with hacking. I really think this series appeals to more than just teenage girls, and it’d probably do well as anime. Also, the rest of the Full Metal Panic! novels should be animated, not only because I love the series and want to see how it ends, but also to get Kyoto Animation off of the moe-train.

4. I’d have to say that voice-acting is the most important aspect of anime outside of its characters and plot. I can deal with cheesy music or not-so-stellar animation (and actually, I’d say most of my favorite anime series don’t have great animation), but if the voice of a major character doesn’t suit the character, or if the acting is outright bad it will be hard for me to get attached to the characters or even fully get into the show.

5. Ooh, this is tough. I was considering stealing your answer, Soaringwings, and just choosing Sakura’s Clow Cards. I’d love to be able to fly and create a mirror image of myself, and several of the cards have great personalities. But since I don’t want to steal Soaringwings’ thunder, I think of all the most common powers the one I’m most interested in fire. While there are other magical girls who control fire (such as Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth), I’d specifically choose Sailor Mars’ powers, since she’s capable of controlling not only fire but also the supernatural.

Now here are my questions! I’ll be tagging both of the bloggers who tagged me – Simpleek and Panels x Pixels, along with Peachie Dreams, Errant Princess, and Gagging on Sexism. I totally understand if you don’t want to participate, especially if you’ve been tagged before.

1. Have you ever cried while reading manga or watching an anime?

2. Are there any voice-actors (Japanese or English; it doesn’t matter) who you really like? If so, why?

3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the first anime or manga-related product you would buy and why?

4. If you could read a spinoff manga starring your favorite side character, who would you choose?

5. What are your favorite anime opening and ending theme songs, respectively?

And since I also have to answer my own questions, here are my responses:

1. Oh, heck yes! I tend to get very emotionally attached when I enjoy a series, and thus even subtle moments have caused me to cry. I won’t list every anime and manga that has made me cry, but the biggest ones include the end of the Fushigi Yugi television series, (spoiler) Ren’s death in Nana, and Kyosuke’s rejection of Hikaru in the first Kimagure Orange Road film. These scenes get to me every time.

2. I’ve always really liked Ai Orikasa. She’s got a really sexy voice, and she’s played everything from fun characters like Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo! to male roles like Quatre in Gundam Wing. She’s also a great singer, and I can’t help but like her. As for the English side of things, I love Laura Bailey. She’s amazing as Sana in Kodocha, and she’s got a lot of range – she also did Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist and Shin-chan in Shin-chan. Most importantly, I’ve met her at a convention and she seems like a really fun person.

3. The 8th DVD boxset of Maison Ikkoku. Although this boxset retails for $50.00, over the past several years the cost has risen to ridiculous extremes because the series has gone out of print. I love Maison Ikkoku and wish I was able to own the end of this classic series – but in order to do that,  it’s gonna cost me a pretty penny. As a runner-up, I’d also love to get this figure of Belldandy – I think it’s beautiful but even at the cheapest price I’ve seen it go for ($120) it costs way too much!

4. There are a lot of side characters I love, but I think I’ll go with Miyu from Super Gals! I always found Miyu to be the most interesting character in the series, and I enjoyed whenever the series would show flashbacks to Miyu when she was in a gang. It’d be great to see more of how Miyu made the journey from gang-leader to girly-girl, and it would probably be a very enjoyable read.

5. My favorite opening theme songs are definitely “Night of Summerside” from Kimagure Orange Road and “Sukisa” from Maison Ikkoku. As for ending songs, there are a lot I like, which makes it hard to choose. But I think I’ll go with “Yume Mite Iyou” from the Sakura Wars television series, and “anti-nostalgic” from Gravitation.

And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed my answers.


5 thoughts on “Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

  1. Good answers to my questions! I hadn’t thought of Tamaki. I’m pretty sure he would make a great date. I’ve never heard of Twelve Kingdoms, but now I’m curious to watch it at some point…if I get through all my other anime viewing. XD Now to answer your questions!

    1. Definitely! The ones that stand out in my mind for anime are Fushigi Yugi (like you) and Clannad After Story. I bawled pretty hard with Clannad especially. For manga, Mars actually made me cry. I’m pretty sure there are others, but I can’t remember them at the moment.

    2. I actually don’t keep up with too many of the Japanese voice actors. Half the time, I never really know that it’s the same VA who did a previous series I’m currently watching. My cousin is better at recognizing them. ^^; For English voice actors, I really liked Terri Hawkes when she was the voice of Serena for a while. I was disappointed when she no longer did her voice for the later seasons, mid-Sailor Moon R into Super S.

    3. If I had an unlimited budget…wow. I know I would go crazy! The first thing I would buy would be the rest of the manga volumes for Boys Over Flowers. It’s a long series, but it would allow me to have a marathon reading day for it. Next up would be Cardcaptor Sakura for anime. It’s so hard to find the entire series on DVD, and if you do, it costs a lot of money.

    4. I never really thought of this. I think I would choose Nakago of Fushigi Yugi. I think Watase actually made an individual prequel type novel for him, but I think a lot can be expanded in detail. I would love to see how he gradually develops into the cold, calculating, and sadistic human being he became.

    5. I would have to choose Vampire Knight. “Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi” is the opening theme I really loved. The ending theme “Still Doll” is amazing too. Both of these came from the first season of VK.

    1. Yay, thanks for answering! I haven’t seen Clannad yet, but I did watch Kanon and it definitely made me cry. It’s funny, although anime has probably made me cry more than manga, some of my biggest bawl sessions have been with manga (especially Nana). I’ve also cried with happy scenes, such as the proposal scene in Itazura na Kiss. Choosing to buy Cardcaptor Sakura is a great pick – it’s so expensive! I like your pick of Nakago as well – I had never considered him having a spinoff but thinking about it it seems like a really great idea, especially since he’s such a fascinating character.

  2. Great answers. 🙂 We had the same sort of feeling about answering simpleek’s number 1 question. 😀

    I never minded the fan club thing, but when it’s used to make girls fight each other over the guy that’s when it annoys me. As for overused lines, I hear you! It’s not one of my major pet peeves, but I certainly roll my eyes whenever a manga/anime goes down a cliche path and uses some of the most overused phrases.

    My answer was a bit of an easy way out since Sakura has all this cool magic at her disposal, but beyond that, I really did like the cards themselves. Once upon a time I even printed out a few and made my own. xD

    I’m going to go ahead and answer your question here, if you don’t mind. :3

    1. Yeah, there definitely have been anime/manga that made me cry. I think the worst case was Deep Love – Ayu no Monogatari. I couldn’t stop crying while reading the final chapters, they were that sad. I’m not usually a fan of the melodramatic “everything that can go wrong does go wrong” (hated Saikano because I felt it tried too hard to make everything go wrong and manipulate us into feeling terrible for the characters). I guess because with Ayu, it felt more believable that the manga ended the way it did. The two sequels (Reina and the guy’s) didn’t live up to Ayu because their melodrama felt a lot more forced and manipulative, unfortunately. Ayu’s was more conceivable, whereas the latter two, I couldn’t quite buy all those unfortunate events just piling up.

    2. Hmm, this is hard. I usually don’t pay too much attention to VAs. (Shame on me!) That said, I was always impressed with Romi Paku’s range. She’s done female and male characters and her male characters actually sound like dudes (with a low husky voice and all). That to me is pretty impressive because I can usually tell when a female VA does a male character, but Paku was the exception. English-wise, I’m not really his fan, but I do respect Johnny Yong Bosch. I think his range is incredible and he does a very good job in VAing. I still remember how shocked I was when I found out he did both Ichigo (from Bleach) and Renton (from Eureka Seven). Those two sounded nothing alike! Most English VAs have trouble making distinct sounding voices, so usually it’s pretty easy for me to recognize them, but Bosch tricked me here. I also agree with Bailey. She’s has a really great range.

    3. Please Save My Earth volume 13. Not surprising given I’ve written a post lamenting how inflated this rare out of print volume is. I’ve seen it for 40$ a few times, which isn’t too bad, but it’s always whenever I don’t have any money. D: In general, if I had unlimited funds, I’d definitely pick up all the rare out of print manga I’ve wanted but just couldn’t justify buying over stuff that is more affordable.

    4. This is hard, but I’ll go with the character who comes to my mind readily right now and that would be Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach. I’d love to see a spin-off from her point of view, showing us more of her time in Soul Society and in general, just more Rukia. I wouldn’t even mind a slice-of-life spin off taking place in Soul Society featuring Rukia as the main character. I think that would be quite interesting because there are so many interesting characters in Soul Society.

    5. This one is even harder as I can’t really remember as there have been way too many lovely ones. D: *goes to refresh her memory on Youtube* Gah, now I don’t know what to pick. D: So I didn’t check every single anime (that would take too long), but just here and there and from those my favourite opening songs happen to be (in no real order): Lillium (Elfen Lied), Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (same name as the anime), Naraku no Hana (Higurashi no Naru Koro ni Kai), Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru (Rose of Versailles), and Inner Universe (Ghost in the Shell SAC). Sorry, I really couldn’t cut it down any more than that. D: Your pick of Sukisa from Maison Ikkoku is really good too. :3

    For ending (no particular order): Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky (Claymore), Paranoid Android (Ergo Proxy), Virtual Star Hasseigaku (Utena), Lacrimosa (Kuroshitsuji), Taisho (Higurashi no Naku Koro no Kai), Musihi no Toki (Kannagi), Michiyuki (Loveless), and Lithium Flower (Ghost in the Shell SAC). Yeah, sorry for cheating and listing a whole bunch, but I really can’t chose between them because I like each one for different reasons. ^__^;;;

    1. Yay, more responses! 😀 Kanon was sort of manipulative in the same way you described Saikano to be, but I still cried all the same. I know a lot of people who love Romi Park, so I commend your choice.

      “In general, if I had unlimited funds, I’d definitely pick up all the rare out of print manga I’ve wanted but just couldn’t justify buying over stuff that is more affordable.” This, so much. I would love to be able to buy both anime and manga that are hard to find and far from cheap, which unfortunately seems to be a good portion of the series I’m interested in.

      I don’t blame you for choosing so many songs; I had to restrain myself too! Other contenders for me were “Lonely N Gorgeous” from Paradise Kiss and “Heart Moving” from Sailor Moon season one.

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